Neurotic, Desperate, Reckless: Complete Big Dizzy Collection (March 24 - 28, 2016)

by Big Dizzy

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Tracks 2 & 4 from "Basement Heaven I" released March 24, 2016
Tracks 1, 3 & 5 from "Basement Heaven II" released March 28, 2016


released March 28, 2016

Production, mastering, lyrics and rapping on track 1: Nicholas Collin

Track 4: I used a drum loop sampled from a Durutti Column song I don't recall, and some obscure synth sample from a band I do not recall. As long as you know the sources aren't original!

Remixing: Nicholas Collin



all rights reserved
Track Name: lit it by the filter again
lit it by the filter again

smoking in the snow
no i ain't cold
fingers getting old
no bids being sold

i'm just a white man living in cookie cutter nowhere
eating pharmaceuticals, drinking alcohol, i don't care
had this shirt for days, i don't know what the fuck else to wear
locked up in my basement, strapped to fake electric chairs

fistful of klonopin
stolen brew, tonight i win

this is psych ward shit
when i can't afford shit
strapped down to my bed shit
never too much meds shit

pocket razor blade
cut the skin that jesus made

lit it by the filter again